Language & Communication

Help expand your child’s vocabulary and express themselves verbally through play! Whether your little one is babbling away or they’re constructing full sentences, play is a great way to introduce new words and demonstrate how they’re feeling.

Language Skills

Repetition is key when teaching your child any new skill—especially new words! When playing with your child, explain what the toys do, how they work, and describe their physical attributes. Your infant, toddler, and preschooler will retain this information and learn to use the new language when playing with you—you may even hear them using these words a week later when they’re playing with a friend!

Language SkillsLanguage Skills

Self Expression Self Expression


One of the greatest things about children is their ability to be their true selves! Be encouraging self-expression, your little ones can reach their full potential, freely express who they are, and communicate what they want. Expressing themselves is a great way for them to connect with others, navigate through the world, and make valuable contributions to society. Play is one of the best ways to get your child to express themselves!