Movement & Physical

Kids are full of energy, and one of the best ways to get out that energy is through play! Active children can develop a foundation for a fit and healthy lifestyle as well as build crucial motor skills for their overall development. Through play, they can learn to use their bodies and perfect important motions, such as grasping, running, and throwing.

Gross Motor Skills

Through tummy time, infants learn to hold up their heads and build their core strength. They then move on to crawling, walking, and eventually running! Through active play, children exercise their gross motor skills by using their large muscle groups in their legs, arms, and core. Little ones develop the ability to walk, run, climb, lift, and more—all in the name of play!

Gross Motor SkillsGross Motor Skills

Fine Motor SkillsFine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

While gross motor skills focus on large muscle groups, fine motor skills center around the ability to execute precise movements. Mastering the use of wrist and finger muscles allows children to gain hand-eye coordination. Using the pincer grip to pick up toys, turning the wheel on a play car, and assorting a dish of pretend food are all great ways to help your little one with their fine motor skills.