Playtime is a great way to get little minds thinking big! Through play, children learn to think outside of the box. They exercise their critical-thinking skills, explore their imaginations, and begin to understand larger concepts, such as gravity, motion, and cause and effect—play is more than just having fun, it’s a great teaching tool!

Critical Thinking

It’s never too early to start building critical-thinking skills! Use play as a way to help your child develop a hypothesis and test a theory. When playing, ask your child questions, such as, “What do you think will happen when we drop a toy in the water?” Help them to better understand by prompting questions and having your little one test out their theories. Afterwards, ask your child what they saw and learned.

Critical ThinkingCritical Thinking

Sensory ExplorationSensory Exploration

Sensory Exploration

One of the first ways infants learn about the world around them is through their senses. It’s no wonder, then, that we continue learning through sensory exploration. Playing with water, sand, and a variety of objects is a great way for little ones to explore by hand and at the whole-body level. Feeling different textures and temperatures, seeing different colors and shapes, and hearing different sounds all helps children to learn new ideas, group information, and categorize what they’ve concluded.

STEM Learning

STEM learning teaches the fundamentals of science, technology, engineering, and math. Rolling a ball down a ramp, placing maze pieces in their slots, pouring water, and even riding in a play coaster are all prime examples of demonstrating STEM principles at a level your little one can comprehend.

STEM LearningSTEM Learning

Imagination & Creativity Imagination & Creativity

Imagination & Creativity

Through stretching their imagination and using creativity, kids are challenged to produce original ideas and how to take multiple concepts to create something new and unique – and something that they’re proud of!

Art & Visualization

Art helps your little one communicate in a visual format. Through coloring, crafts, and dance, your little one can express themselves freely. Using their imaginations, they can tell a story and create images to represent concepts and objects in a fun and unique way. 

Art & Visualization Art & Visualization