Partners in Play: The Step2 Affiliate Program

Let's Play

Our team at Step2 is proud to create new ways to play, to turn every child’s imaginary world into a reality. Behind those magical playtime spaces full of wonderment and exploration is one – or many – of our toys from playhouses and play kitchens, to ride-ons, climbers, and more.


Now’s your chance to become an affiliate partner to help us continue our mission of fostering exciting open-ended play! 

How to Become a Step2 Affiliate

1. Complete an Application

(Currently accepting publishers in the United States only.)

2. Review Our Tools

& Information Packet

3. Start Earning


Step2 Affiliate Program FAQs

Does Step2 have an affiliate program?


Yes we do! If you have a website, you can make money advertising products. It’s easy and free to join! (Please note we are only accepting publishers in the United States at this time.)

How do I join the Step2 affiliate program?


Begin by filling out our online application here. If you’re accepted, we’ll send you all the information and tools to get started.

What’s my earning power as a Step2 affiliate?


Step2 toys are beloved open-ended pretend play items that are always in demand! As an affiliate, you’ll be eligible for our competitive commission increases throughout your partnership with us.