Language Skills

Language Skills kids playing at the table together.Language Skills kids playing at the table together.

Ready, Set, Talk!

Repetition is key when teaching your little one new words.

Whether your little one is babbling words only you can interpret or they’re stringing sentences together like a pro, children of all ages can improve on their language skills through play.


Through play, children put their communication skills to the test. They express what scenario they’re acting out, what rules they must follow, and what they need from their fellow playmates.


Playtime is also a great way to introduce new words to kids. For example, if your little one is playing in their toy kitchen, you can explain what a recipe is and take them through the steps of whipping up a pretend dish. In a play workshop, you can explain what each tool is and how they’re used. Your little one will have tons of fun all while adding new words to their ever-growing vocabulary!