Social & Emotional

Play is a great way to exercise social norms. Whether children are playing together or a child is role playing with their toys, kids gain an awareness of their own emotions and can being to identify what other people may be feeling.

Social Development

Kids gain important social development skills when they play with others. They learn how to share, how to take turns, and practice their hand at patience. By playing with other children—and adults!—kids also get a chance to work on controlling their emotions and learn to recognize when others may be feeling sad, happy, shy, or angry. This is a great way for your little ones to develop empathy for others.

Social DevelopmentSocial Development

Role PlayRole Play

Role Play

Role play is a fantastic way for children to learn important social and emotional skills! Whether they’re playing with friends or solo with their toys, role play is a great way for little ones to step into the shoes of another person and emulate the behaviors of others. Through role play, kids create storylines, develop goals and aspirations, and also work on their problem-solution thinking and conflict-resolution skills.


Forming relationships, making new friends, and working with others helps children instill self-esteem. Self-esteem will help your child perform better in tasks relating to studies and responsibilities and enhances their confidence in their ability to succeed. Little ones will also feel better about themselves, gain self-respect, and will be content with life overall.

Self-Esteem Self-Esteem