Sensory Exploration

Sensory Exploration kids playing with water tableSensory Exploration kids playing with water table

Five Senses, Infinite Knowledge

Making sense of the world through our senses from infancy to adulthood!

From infancy, babies use their senses to learn about the world around them. They hear mommy and daddy’s voices, the smell of food, and the feel of being rocked back and forth. As children grow older, they continue using their senses to learn and gather new information.


Play offers several experiences to gather new information through sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. With sand and water tables, children get a hands-on—literally—tactile experience. Splashing, honking a toy car horn, and ringing a playhouse doorbell offers a chance to learn through hearing. Seeing the different colors of play food and feeling the wind rush past them as they go down a slide are also great ways to engage the senses!


Help your little one broaden their mind through sensory exploration! They’ll gain the foundation for learning new ideas, grouping information, and categorize what they’ve learned.

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